Junior Festival

The National Federation of Music Clubs, holds a Junior Festival once a year. The festival is held in February, each year.  This is non competitive, and is mandatory for all students taking lessons.  Students prepare 2 pieces, one required and one of choice.  Pieces need to be memorized.  Students perform on a one on one evaluation type setting.  Students acquire points based on the rating they receive.  Points are as follows:

  • Superior Rating 5 points
  • Excellent Rating 4 points
  • Satisfactory Rating 3 points
  • Fair Rating 2 points
  • Needs Improvement Rating 1 Point

Points earned are accumulative  and needed to earn gold cups.  Below are the points needed to earn gold cups

  • 1st Cup  15pts
  • 2nd Cup  30pts
  • 3rd Cup  45pts
  • 4th Cup  60pts
  • Grand Cup  75pts
  • Presidents Cup 90pts